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Turn off that pesky check engine light.

That check engine light could be more than a nuisance - if you've got an auto problem, let George's Budget Tire and Auto Repair fix your problem and get you back on the road.







Find and fix your auto issues.

When you see your "check engine" light illuminated or start to hear strange sounds from your car, visit George's Budget Tire and Auto Repair. You need to know that your car is functioning properly so that you can get on with work, family, and the rest of your activities. So don't wait until you need major repairs - stop your auto problem before it starts with help from George's full range of diagnostic services.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Equipment
  • Computerized Spin Balancing
  • Computerized Engine Diagnostics
  • Anti-Lock Brake Diagnostics
  • Electrical System Repairs
  • And Much More

Save yourself from expensive repairs.

That little check engine light could be indicative of bigger problems for your car, so don't wait until you've had a full-scale breakdown to call a mechanic - George's Budget Tire and Auto Repair can deal with even your most complex auto issues so you can get back on the road and back to your life without spending a fortune.

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Got an automotive issue that just won't go away? Let George's Budget Tire and Auto Repair shop fix it with advanced diagnostic equipment and ASE® Certified technicians!


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